A new movie is being released on April 10, called “The Longest Ride”.  This movie glorifies and romanticizes rodeos.  The movie depicts a handsome cowboy, and his beautiful girlfriend, the girlfriend being worried that the handsome cowboy will be injured by the big bad mean horses and bulls (and little baby calves, I suppose….).  We all know what nonsense this is.  It is the innocent beings, the horses, cows, bulls, and baby calves, who are consistently beaten and forced to endure such horrific trauma to their bodies that bones break and ligaments tear on a regular basis.  Not to mention the utter terror they feel, at the hands of their merciless torturers.

I am sickened by this display of horror in our movie theaters.  Please post, tweet, and share your thoughts to the world, and request that everyone BOYCOTT the movie “The Longest Ride”.  Rodeos are sick, twisted, sadistic events that thrive on torture, violence, and terror, against innocent, helpless, defenseless beings.  All in the name of “entertainment”.

We thank sharkonline.org for these incredibly sad, but true photos.  Go to sharkonline.org for more information on rodeo cruelty. 

1331363216_rodeo rodeo-calf-roping-small_0 stop-the-rodeo-cruelty-photo-6 chokingcalf.png