ACEF is in the process of producing two new commercials.  One depicts that horrors of rodeos, and is in response to New York City’s Madison Square Garden’s plan to host a full blown rodeo in June of 2020 — the first one in NYC in thirty years!  Please visit our facebook page for more information on the NO RODEO NYC campaign. 


The second new commercial we are creating makes the connection between one’s diet and the environment, and their health. It also points out the unimaginable animal cruelty of factory farming, of course.


Both of these commercials are going to be great, and we want to get as much air time as possible, so please donate!


I AM VEGAN was our fifth commercial, and was a groundbreaking, upbeat ad with individual “interviews” of regular, everyday people, from all walks of life, who are vegan. From a local electrician, to a mom, to an Olympian, to a football star, to an elected official. Vegan is cool; vegan is everywhere!


CAGED FOR LIFE was our fourth commercial, and it depicted the horrors of factory farming, and shows disturbing and realistic images of the animals trapped inside. Caged for Life reminded viewers of the miserable lives these animals lead. We reached millions of people.


CHOICES was our third commercial. Choices also depicted the horrors of factory farming, and pointed out that people have a choice when it comes to food; yet the animals do not.


SIDE OF TRUTH was our second commercial. We worked hand in hand with Compassion Over Killing, who generously gave us investigatory video to use. Side of Truth has a hint of humor to it, as it has been shown through studies regarding advertising that people tend to remember things more when the message is couched in humor.

AIRED!! NYC, NY1 News and Animal Planet.

SUPERMARKET was ACEF’s first commercial! We worked hand in hand with Mercy for Animals, who generously gave ue video footage and helped with editing. Supermarket depicts a female shopper, picking up a package of meat, when she stops to think about where that meat comes from. Powerful!

The Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund is a 501-c-3 not-for-profit corporation that relies on the tax-deductible donations of those who support our mission.  Your tax-deductible donation provides us with the funds we need to pay the bills to advertise the truth and combat the lies.  Please make a donation today.  Our Tax I.D. number is:  47-1833405.